An Overview of the Process

An overview of the process of getting a Settlement Agreement concluded is as follows:
  1. Once you have a draft Settlement Agreement, call us to make an appointment or send us your details and we will contact you.
  2. A meeting will be arranged. If you decide to have a telephone consultation, we will ask you to send a copy of your draft Settlement Agreement to us in advance.
  3. You will have a face to face or telephone consultation with a Solicitor who will take some background of your employment history and then advise you of any potential claims you have.
  4. The Solicitor will then run through the Settlement Agreement and explain any clauses which may be difficult to understand. The Solicitor will also advise you of any clauses that should be altered or removed.
  5. The Solicitor will advise you of whether the sum of money that is being paid by your employer is reasonable or not. You can then decide whether you wish to accept the financial package as offered by your employer.
  6. You will be advised of your options in the event that you decide not to accept the financial package which would include instructing us to negotiate a higher sum on your behalf.
  7. If you choose to accept the financial package then, subject to you being happy with the remainder of the wording of the agreement, you will then proceed to sign it.
  8. The Solicitor will then sign an Adviser’s Certificate confirming that you were advised of the terms and effect of the agreement.
  9. We will then send the executed agreement to your employer for their signature together with the adviser’s certificate.
  10. Your employer will sign and return the Agreement and the matter is then at a close.

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